Friday, November 29, 2013

gluten free road block ahead

what's that saying?...  "the road to hell is paved with good intentions"... this week my good intentions include planning meals, and making food ahead.  my biggest gluten free road blocks are myself and my hunger, or my reaction to my hunger.  sometimes i swear my stomach takes over my brain, hits cruise control and before i know it i'm elbow deep in a box of gluten free rice chex. 

my plan is have good gluten free food on hand this week, so i don't fall off the wagon, and hopefully be able to get my over eating under control.  (annie's rice pasta and cheddar, i love you, but have i have to get it through my head that a box contains more than one serving.)

so today i've already made a batch of tuna salad.  my grandma make's the best tuna; i've got to ask for her secret.  my secret is a couple of tablespoons of relish.  it gives it kind of a little hint of sweetness that i like.  this will be great to have on hand for a quick sandwich or wrap.  (check out the healthy living tab on bumble bee tuna's website for some good tips.) 

i also made a quick pasta salad throwing together stuff i had in my pantry.  tinkyada brown rice vegetable spirals (1 bag), Italian dressing (1 cup),  mccormick pasta seasoning mix (4 tablespoons), and one can of chickpeas.

11/29/13  i found this post saved as a draft from 2011.  i think it's kind of funny that i'm still having similar struggles.  however, i really think it's important to put out there that it is a struggle to completely change how you eat and think about food.  it gets better.  for me i really had to dig deep and commit to change.  i think i've been staying away from the blog because i felt like a jerk making it sound like being gluten free was ok.  it is OK, but it's not awesome;  and it's ok to feel that way about it.