Sunday, March 30, 2014

tada! presto chango... watch as i change this regular recipe into a gluten free recipe!'s magic.

OK.  I admit, it's NOT magic.

But it does take a while to get the hang of cooking your old favorites gluten free.  I think you get better at it the more you try things.  (Practice makes perfect.)  Yes, you will for sure make some things that well... suck.  But you learn from it and definitely don't make the same mistake twice.  I try to keep a mental list of products I've tried and disliked so I don't waste my money on them a second time either.  (Forget granola bars.  I've tried a bunch liked one and can't remember which it was.  For now, I've just stopped buying them.)

As far as gluten free recipes go... Pinterest is a gold mine!!  I find it to be a wonderful community of people suggesting recipes, offering support and information.  (Go ahead, check it out!  (If you haven't already.)  I'll be here when you get back.  Fair warning:  it's addictive.)

I have a gluten free board over there:  Where I "pin" gluten free stuff.

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I also have a "FOOD and Drink" board:  Where I "pin" recipes that I wish where gluten free.

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Here's where the magic comes in...  

I found this recipe:

Here's a direct link to the recipe in case you're not on Pinterest:

Now that we've read the recipe, decided that it looks super delish and we want to make it... but we can't.  Oh yes we can!!  

Let's substitute a few of the ingredients and get cooking!  (chicken not pictured.  it was already in the slow cooker.)

1.)  The original recipe calls for Stove Top Stuffing... not gluten free.  I went with Gillian's Home-Style Stuffing (because that's what my supermarket had.)  I've used their products before and liked them so I wasn't worried about the stuffing.

2.)  Next the original recipe calls for Cream of Chicken soup... not gluten free.  I've googled "cream of ... soup" before to find a gluten free version.  They are out there but I've never found them out and about while I was shopping.  The best substitute I've found for "cream of ... soup" is Progresso Vegetable Classics Creamy Mushroom!  (I use it in green bean casserole, too!  YUM.)

3.)  I have nothing against Lite Sour Cream.  I just like to think I'm doing a good thing by buying "local" and I gave up gluten to feel better, not fat.  So, I went with Cabot Sour Cream, they even list it on their website as "naturally gluten free".  It makes me feel better buying something that someone has given an extra thought about whether or not it's gluten free.

NOW... *make as directed.  

Aren't you special?!  You just made a regular recipe gluten free!  Enjoy!!

 katie :)

* My version came out wonderful!  (Could have used only a half a cup of water, the stuffing mixture was SUPER mushy, and maybe salt and pepper on the chicken.)