Monday, January 24, 2011

dining out: gluten free...

a while ago, on our way to get some breakfast, after finding our favorite gluten free spot closed for remodeling.  we pasted a restaurant with a sign out front that read: GLUTEN FREE PIZZA AND BEER.  since then i've been dying to try it out!!  

well saturday night my parents and i went out for GLUTEN FREE PIZZA AND BEER!! at Patsy's Pizzeria & Ristorante

the service was great and the food was awesome.  they had what i would consider a large gluten free menu with a variety of options.  as i scanned the menu the thought occurred to me:  wow, i can order a pasta dish!!  

i had my heart set on gluten free pizza so that's what i ordered.  i was super surprised and excited that my topping options were not limited to a small list either!  i ordered the 'combination', hold the hamburger, and green peppers, add onions.  my mom ordered baked ziti and my dad ordered "regular" pasta a la stephania.  

my pizza was a pre-made 10 inch crust with exactly what i wanted on it ...and it was nothing short of gluten free pizza magic.  (like eat, pray, love style: unbutton your pants and eat til you can't eat anymore good.)  my mom's baked ziti was probably the best baked ziti i've ever had, gluten free or not.  there was super creamy ricotta cheese mixed throughout and the sauce was really flavorful (no jar sauce involved here.) 

whether you're looking for gluten free fair or not Pasty's is a must try!!

enjoy something today, i mean: really enjoy something today, and have a happy gluten free day!

p.s. it was a really nice feeling to come home feeling full but not like i'm going to sick full... you know what i mean!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

the return of the cheese cracker


so the people that i work with are constant snackers.  the classic cheez-it is a very popular snack around the office, and i really miss them.  :( 

however, i found a pretty good gluten free alternative.  cheese snackers from the grainless baker!!  

the box feels like it weights 5 pounds.  hee hee but they are well worth the heavy lifting!!  they have a super cheese-y crunch-y taste/ texture.  my only complaint is that they are very salty, but that keeps me from sitting down and eating the whole box.  (so it's a good thing i guess.)

well enjoy cheese crackers again, and have a happy gluten free day!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

no croissant tastes as good as feeling good feels.

it has taken me a long time to get here...  but i've gone gluten free.  this year for new years when i thought about making resolutions something just clicked.  

a couple of years ago i bought the book the gluten free girl ...and it's taken me til now to be ready to read it.  i highly recommend it.  after reading a few chapters all i could think of was: why am i allowing myself to eat food that hurts my body so badly?  

no croissant tastes as good as feeling good feels.  or at least that's what i'm telling myself now.  and i DO feel a lot different.

my goal for this blog is to be a place where i can get it all out, and share recipes that actually taste good.  (there is nothing worse than buying all kinds of weird ingredients and having a recipe come out like crap.maybe some product reviews too!  (i just found some gluten free cheese crackers that are super.)

thanks for reading and have a happy gluten free day!