Saturday, March 19, 2011

an amazing gluten free moment

last weekend my parents and i attended the mount holyoke college annual flower show.  it is seriously one of my favorite events of the year.

before that we ate lunch at another of my favorite spots:  Barstow's!

the amazing gluten free moment came when i placed my order for a chicken salad sandwich, and asked the girl to "hold the bread please!"  she looked at me kind of funny, and then i explained that i had brought my own gluten bread!!  (yes, i'm now that girl.  who carries gluten free bread in a sandwich baggy in her purse.  hahahaha and damn proud of it.)  after confirming with another girl what the best course of action would be... my mom and i were served two scoops of chicken salad and a plate of sandwich "toppings".  

i have never been so satisfied with a meal or with myself.  the chicken salad was awesome!!  and as for myself... i was super pumped that i thought ahead and didn't allow myself to be sucked in by the "regular" fluffy white bread that would have only caused me tummy trouble and a headache.

the other AMAZING part about Barstow's is that they make gluten free cookies!!  they usually have peanut butter, and coconut macaroons.  this time i took home some coconut macaroons.  :)

unless you are gluten free, or are in a similar situation, it is really hard to understand how meaningful a small gesture (like "holding the bread") can mean to someone.  thank you Barstow's!!

have a happy gluten free day!!  :)  

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