Saturday, August 20, 2011

it's gluten free (pizza)... and I helped! hee hee

so... i've had this box of gluten pizza crust mix in my pantry for a while now and tonight i finally made it!

it was a king arthur flour gluten free pizza crust mix.  (if you have never been to king arthur flour in vermont it really is worth the trip.  they had a TON of amazing gluten free items, and it was just cool if you like to bake and eat things.  they had nice cafe for snacking at too.  i think we got something flour less and chocolate; maybe it was a cookie...  all i remember is that it was good.)

as the box claims it was (fairly) quick and (fairly) easy.  the only super annoying part was the two 30 minute wait for it rise sessions.  which, btw, it didn't really even rise... i was expecting a show.  not so much.  however, it did make 2 pretty big pizzas...  (i'm going to share one with my mom and freeze the other one for a later date.)  
... ta da!!

it tasted good, not the best and not the worst i've had...  (if i made it again i think i'd bake it longer, it had a slight uncooked taste.  i followed the directions exactly as stated on the box and used the middle time between the 2 suggested baking end points.)  if you have a free evening with nothing to do:  make yourself some gluten free pizza!!

have a happy gluten free day!  :)

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