Saturday, October 1, 2011

doughnuts are a girl's best friend

literally, doughnuts from Chmura's Bakery in Indian Orchard, MA are my kryptonite.  

they are truly my ultimate physical weakness.  my all time favorite are the classic chocolate frosted with rainbow sprinkles.  just the sight and smell of them are enough to brighten my day.  <3

<insert angels singing here.>  

my goal in gluten free life now is to literally only "cheat" on gluten food with these babies.  i can live without a lot of things... but trying to imagine the rest of my natural life without ever having another one of these fresh made tasty beauties is just too much to bare.

have a happy (almost) gluten free day!!  you know i did if it was doughnut day!!  hahaha

Do you have a "cheat" food, that you can't live without?

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